Come to the Pink side!


Wanting a hobby?  Need some extra cash?  Want the freedom to run your business when you want and receive a 20% commission on purchases right away?  Then think of joining my Perfectly Posh team (the Spawesome Girls) for just $99.
I joined in April 2016, on a whim.  I was looking for something to where I could learn to run a small business and get out of my own comfort zone.  But little did I know that I would fall in love with the products and they would take over my bathroom……well, my house.  🙂  The Look Natural line is amazing for ladies over 40 and it has helped make a difference with my face.
Posh has a great training academy online plus a wonderful group of other consultants to help you with questions and make you feel welcome.
You aren’t forced into building your team right away either.  Does Posh encourage you with rewards if you do?  Sure, but you work at your own pace and do what is comfortable for YOU.  When I joined I was a little overwhelmed but I made my focus to learn about the products, try them, and then tell others about them.  I wanted a customer base more than I wanted a team.  And now I have a nice group of customers who have become what I consider VIPs.  They love the products and keep coming back.

Feel free to check out more info on joining at my website.

YOU deserve to be pampered!!


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