Detox with Charcoal, it isn’t just for Grillin’!

This awesome ingredient is used to help draw dirt, bacteria, and chemicals to the surface of your skin.  It can absorb over 1000 times it’s weight in that yucky stuff.  Give your skin a healthy glow by trying any of the following.  

Cackle Spackle face mask is the bomb and has a great spearmint scent, which gives you some nice aromatherapy while waiting for the mask to dry.  Don’t let the skull fool you, it’s scary good.  Nice option for anyone suffering from acne/breakouts.


Here’s me using it.  🙂

Love the Dark is a great shower/bath scrub with sea salt.  One of my favs.  

Gender Bender is a glycerin bar that is great for the whole family.  No specific smell, just nice and clean, not to mention it’s great for the grease monkeys in your life (helps remove auto grease from their hands and arms).  This bar also gently cleans your make-up brushes and has been used to de-skunk a dog!!


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